Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Two peanuts were walking down the street, and one was a salted."

So, first impressions. When I opened up the book I was suddenly worried I was going to find it all rather obnoxious. In my paperback copy of the book there are SEVEN full pages of quotes praising the book before it gets to the title page. Really?  Seven pages? It was a little ridiculous.

However, I started reading out loud to Paul last night and it wasn't long before we were both laughing hysterically. Paul even laughed at most of the girly jokes.

A question for the group: What type of person are you when it comes to her scar? Personally, I have always been curious about the story behind it. Though, if I met her in person I would probably wait until we were friends before asking about it. Paul, on the other hand, had never noticed it. I guess that means I'm more of an egomaniac than Paul?


Lisa said...

I had no freaking clue she had a scar. None. Maybe if I'd met her in person I'd have noticed? I just had to google image search it to find it. I thought maybe it was on her temple. Yep, that clueless. Does that make me insensitive? Do they cover it really well with makeup? Do I need a new TV? I BET IT'S THE TV.

Amanda said...

Bryce and I had wondered together where her scar came from, and I assumed it was from a car accident. I was absolutely shocked from the truth, both how it happened and how young she was.

My first impressions of this book have not been good. I feel like she is trying way too hard to be funny and witty the whole time. Every once in a while she will get into telling a story and forget about being funny for a little while, and then she'll drop in a well-timed and clever joke, and I'll think there's the Liz Lemon I know and love.

I also feel like she gets on her high horse a lot. She wants to make sure we know what she believes in, and that we agree with her. And if you don't agree with her, I feel like she is telling you to f*#@ off. (Pardon my French) Not a nice attitude to have.

Amanda said...


That's from Asher

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

Also, I have since finished the book. It really is a quick read. I'm happy to discuss any and all of it, and since I checked it out from the library, I only have until 2/17 to return it. That is all.

Jennie said...

I get the same feeling as you from time to time, Amanda. Did you like it any more as you went on? I'm about halfway through.

Great comment from Asher. :) Hi, Asher!