Saturday, January 28, 2012

Many Comments and Thoughts!


I took to heart her advice that women in the workplace should "cry sparingly" because it terrifies everyone. Hahahaha. Also, what exactly is a colonial lady outfit? I know what a pioneer outfit is, I grew up in Colorado reading Laura Ingalls Wilder, but colonial lady? I'm envisioning Felicity from the America Girls Dolls. Except her clothes rocked.

It was also poignant to me that people kept asking her if it was hard to be the boss. Um - no? Why would it be . . . ? Do you ask men that question? Also, from experience wrangling other intelligent, creative, spastic adults into coherent teams that meet deadlines, I can vouch that I have never gotten to march around swinging my arms and chanting. I wish. Although, actually, that would be kind of Leni Riefenstahl Triumph of the Will so probably best never to go down that road.

Origin Story

Re: the scar - "I'm not interested in acting out a TV movie with you where you befriend a girl with a scar. (I assume this would be on Lifetime and also include cancer and sexual abuse, because as far as I can tell, that's a rule for getting on Lifetime). An Oscar-y Spielburg movie where I play a mean German with a scar? Yes."

Tina Fey - not a victim.

Growing Up and Liking It

"Shin fur." Lol. I had to start shaving my armpits in fifth grade after Kayla Feeney felt the need to point it out. Not a very nice girl, but perhaps she's gotten better. My mother refused to buy me pads when I got my period and suggested using a tampon. Come to think of it, WTF Mom? I should mention this to her. Perhaps I can leverage it into something . . . *Mr. Burns finger thing.* I love that Jeanne Fey mom left the "How Shall I Tell My Daughter" pamphlet in the Modess kit. Hahahaha.


Jennie said...

Why would it be hard to be the boss?? Ask my dad! He hates being the boss a lot of the time.

Petey said...

I'll throw out right now, if you intend to be a good boss it is most definitely hard. And also I hate it. :)

Lisa said...

Hmm . . . I suppose the be more precise, I think being in charge is hard. However, I think it's also something a lot of people end up being promoted into when they genuinely don't want it. In Tina Fey's case, she intentionally decided to be the writer and producer of her own show after working for years in stage and television and comedy. And then people are like, "Oooh, is that hard?" I dunno, the way she described it they sounded really patronizing. That was what I was trying to express! It's definitely difficult to be the buck-stops-here person, and the one who hires and fires, leaves the office last, etc.

Amanda said...

For some reason my mom had this weird rule that you couldn't start using tampons until you'd been getting your period for at least a year. There were many embarrassing moments in 8th grade that could have been avoided had my mom let me use tampons, or if I had been brave enough to just start using them on my own. My sisters had tampons, I could have just asked, but I guess I thought there was a real reason for the rule.

I did get a huge kick out of the fact that she thought periods involved blue liquid. Classic.