Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bossypants Reading Guide!

Because I am a planner and project manager. Also because I read all books really fast and then hang around other people asking, "where are you?" and "what just happened? and trying to see if they can guess what's going to happen next without giving anything away.

Sooo, a rough guide! Feel free to say this doesn't work or you know, if you also finish the book in one day, and then we all do, we don't have to use this. And can start a new book sooner. But I thought it might help us to know what to post on when!

  • Acquire book
  • Discuss cover art
  • Discuss jacket comments
  • Dedication
  • Any interesting interviews or links
Week 1 - Sunday January 22nd
  • Introduction
  • Origin Story
  • Growing Up and Liking It
  • All Girls Must Be Everything
  • Delaware County Summer Showtime!
Week 2 - Sunday January 29th
  • That's Don Fey
  • Climbing Old Rag Mountain
  • Young Men's Christian Association
  • The Windy City, Full of Meat
  • My Honeymoon, Or a Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again Either
Week 3 - Sunday February 5th
  • The Secrets of Mommy's Beauty
  • Remembrances of Being Very Very Skinny
  • Remembrances of Being a Little Bit Fat
  • A Childhood Dream, Realized
  • Peeing in Jars with Boys
Week 4 - Sunday February 12th
  • I Don't Care if You Like It
  • Amazing, Gorgeous, Not Like That
  • Dear Internet
  • 30 Rock: An Experiment to Confuse Your Grandparents
  • Sarah, Oprah, and Captain Hook
Week 5 - Sunday February 19th
  • There's a Drunk Midget in My House
  • A Celebrity's Guide to Celebrating the Birth of Jesus
  • Juggle This
  • The Mother's Prayer for Its Daughter
  • What Turning Forty Means to Me
Week 6 (Short week) - Sunday February 26th through Wednesday the 29th
  • What Should I Do with My Last Five Minutes?
  • Acknowledgements
  • Final Book Discussion


Jennie said...

I like it! :) Way to go, OCD Overlord. I FINALLY finished my Russian Commie book (just hours before book club), so I'm ready!

Jennie said...

Did everyone acquire their copies? I got a paperback copy on sale for cheaper than the ebook (unfortunately the library just had the audio book available for download, not the ebook). I'm currently sucked into the newest Ender 'verse book (Shadows in Flight), but I will probably finish this afternoon and dive into Bossypants after that. :)

Jennie said...

I started reading last night and I read through the whole selection for this week easily before I went to sleep. If the rest of you are game, I'd be happy to read faster.

Also, I feel a bit like I'm talking to myself in this post. Ha ha. Three comments in a row from me!