Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Suggestions from Jennie

Hello friends!

I went through my to-read shelf and bounced a couple ideas off Lisa (she seems to have read just about everything there is ;) ).  Here are my top two suggestions as of right now:

The Knife of Never Letting Go -
A dystopia set in a world where you can hear everyone's thoughts whether or not you want to.  It was recommended to me by my good friend Claudia and her sister who is a high school English teacher.  It has pretty good reviews on goodreads and the added bonus that Lisa hasn't read it.  The main character is male, which is a change from most recently written dystopias (ie Hunger Games, Uglies, Divergent, etc).  I have heard that it is rather dark and violent.

Bossypants -
Lisa has read this one, but she said it's hilarious and good and that she is willing to reread it.  We were talking about the Mindy Kaling book, and I realized that if I were to pick a book written by a female comedian to read, this would be it.

I'm excited that we're resurrecting the good old Hack n' Slash blog!


Jennie said...

Is anyone interested in The Knife of Never Letting Go? I was on the hold list at the library and now it's waiting for me to pick it up. If people want to read it, just not necessarily first, I can return it. But if no one wants to read it, I'll just go ahead and read it on my own. :)

Amanda said...

Definitely interested. We just need to pick a book to start with and run with it.

Petey said...

I'm totally interested too. Maybe after the Tina Fey?