Thursday, June 19, 2008

On Marrying Libraries

I love love this bit:

"A particularly bad moment occurred when he was in the process of transferring my Shakespeare collection from one bookcase to another and I called out, 'Be sure to keep the plays in chronological order!'
'You mean we're going to be chronological within each author?' he gasped. 'But no one even knows for sure when Shakespeare wrote his plays!'
'Well,' I blustered, 'we know he wrote Romeo and Juliet before The Tempest. I'd like to see that reflected on our shelves."
George says this is one of the few times he has seriously contemplated divorce" (Fadiman, 6).

I would totally pull a stunt like this. It's going to take a special man . . .

My odd shelf - I think I don't have a large enough collection of any particular odd books to have an odd shelf. Mine would be a hodgepodge of things you wouldn't expect to find in my library. I have the Elfquest graphic novels, that's pretty random. And I love etiquette books. Exactly where should you seat the pope and the US president and the French ambassador for dinner? And I have a sprinkling of books about managining finances, like Making the Most of Your Money and Smart Women Finish Rich. Those aren't really working out so far, though.

I also knew grimoire. And despite having read this book several times, I can never remember the rest.

Jennie, do you still want nonfiction suggestions? I just found that text.


Jennie said...

Yeah, I'd love some nonfiction suggestions! I was making a list of books I want to read in the near future with Amanda, and I wanted to put a nonfiction selection on it.

You guys are making me sad that I decided to be economical and order my book online! I'll have it tomorrow, though! (Granted, then I'm going to Colorado...dang, it could be a while before I get to reading.)

Lisa said...

You suck.

Jennie said...

Thanks. :)

Petey said...

Yeah, I'm gonna say your etiquette books fit the bill. But to be totally honest, I'd lie if I said I'd never considered picking up Emily Post's ridiculously huge book of etiquette. And consequently, where do you seat the Pope and president, particularly at the same dinner in relation to each other?

I laughed pretty hard at that divorce passage of the book as well. On a similar note, I totally identify with the "learning a dead language" analogy. I can't really discuss all the knowledge about Batman's universe I've accumulated with anyone. They'd just stare.

Oh, and Jennie, you do suck. Get on the reading ball, you thrifty piece of work.