Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Feel Free to Mess Around

Would you believe hacknslash.blogspot.com was taken? I don't know...did you take it, Peter? ;)

Once you all have admin status, you can mess around with the layout as you wish.


Petey said...

Hooray for Jennie's incredible blogging skills. Its that secretary feature she has, which we're all so grateful for. Anyway... Now Lisa just needs to pick something for us to read and we'll launch in.

As for the name, well I can't believe our first choice was taken!! Have you been to hacknslash.blogspot.com? Its some artist turned engineer with a bit too much emo in him. Ah well. Ours will still be fireball-casting good.

Jennie said...

You both have admin status now. :) Our blog needs a look...right now it's naked!

Lisa said...

*wishes she could make and throw fireballs*