Friday, June 20, 2008

Insert a Caret

I think this article from Stuff White People Like dovetails nicely with the book.


Jennie said...

Wow...I enjoyed the article, as I have enjoyed other things I have read on that blog. But I definitely need to remind myself not to read the comments in the future. My goodness.

Lisa said...

Why? What were they?

Jennie said...

They make you lose faith in mankind...full of all the lolz and omgz and insult-flying stupid heads


Petey said...

Yeah... its kind of like Youtube videos. Start reading them and all I can think is, why are you even bothering, if you have nothing worthwhile to add.

I will say this, typos, if I spot them, irk me. I point this out all the time on any company postings my managers put up (which I guarantee always have typos). Most of all though, it irks me to find them in books. For god's sake, aren't you in the editing/reading/writing/grammatical business!?!