Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Injured Dwarf Man

Ok - I realize I have never played Hack n' Slash, so it's pretty normal that I don't quite get it, but who is the dwarf man? Is he injured or is that someone else' s blood? Why aren't there any pretty princesses in pink in this game? I feel that most of these things fail at reality based on the fact that it's impossible for a character to seduce the third brother in line to the throne, marry him, get pregnant, have a boy, and then arrange for a fall off a horse for brother #1 and an unfortunate run-in with some poisoned wine for brother # 2. C'mon now. Killing all the people in your way directly is so blase. Just backstab your way to the throne!

Let's all take a moment to be grateful I wasn't born a royal without a conscience.

The goal of this game is to chop people to bits, isn't it? I can see that. Cathartic.

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