Monday, February 6, 2012

Am I a weirdo?

Reading is coming along fine. I'm well ahead of Lisa's schedule, but I've stalled a bit on the 30 Rock chapter.

So, what's up with 30 Rock? Everyone loves it. It wins lots of awards. And, I just don't like it. Paul and I were hearing so many good things about it that we gave it a try a year or so ago. We really gave it a try, too. Normally, we give a show about four episodes before we decide it's not worth watching. We gave 30 Rock six or seven. Finally, we turned to each other and both said, "You know, it's really not funny." I think the premise is good. The actors are mostly good (although I just don't understand Tracy Morgan). I really feel like I should enjoy it.

Anyone with me? Or am I really a weirdo? (If so, at least Paul is a weirdo with me! Ha.)


Amanda said...

I really hated the show at first, but Bryce thought it was hilarious, so I reluctantly kept watching it with him. And at some point late in the first season, I started to think it was funny, too. Yes, the show is completely ridiculous, and I hate Tracy Morgan's character. But there is something about the complete absurdity of it all that makes it funny. By far the best aspect of the show is Fey and Baldwin's relationship, and I think she is absolutely correct when she says that he is the only reason the show got picked up, and the only reason it has survived.

Lisa said...

It took me almost a season to get into it. But oh, I do love it now. I think it's one of those shows where it's humor wrapped in mocking, inside self-deprecation. And I love Kenneth so much.

A few scenes:

Lisa said...

Oh - and you may already be through that chapter, but if it helps I think you'll really enjoy the next one! It's super fun and funny (or at least I thought so). It's the Oprah, Sarah Palin, and Captain Hook one.

Jennie said...

The first clip made me almost tempted, and Alec Baldwin is way good at doing impressions, but by the end of watching them, I was reminded of my original feelings. Hmm...maybe someday if I'm stuck in bed or next time I have a baby and am nursing 24/7 I'll see what it's all about.

Incidentally, I have also finished the book now. Peter, what's your status? :)