Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Heinlein Love

Where oh where is Peter? PEEEEETTTTEEERR!!!! I don't feel like we can move onto to discussing TSNOTD until we all get to weigh in a few times on HSWT, so . . . Peter come in, this is Junebug. This is Junebug, over. Do you copy? Alpha, Bravo, Charlie . . .

Ok. Here are some more quotes I loved:

Chapter 8: "Of course I'm right!" she retorted. "I'm always right."
"Goodness me! The handy-dandy pocket encyclopedia."
She blushed. "I can't help being a genius."
Which left her wide opena nd I was about the rub her nose in it-when I saw how unahppy she looked.
I remembered hearing Dad say: "Some people insist that 'mediocre' is better than 'best.' They delight in clipping wings because they can't fly. The despise brains because they have none."

As someone who was dubbed a 'wallking talking dictionary' in elementary school and regularly annoyed professors by asking questions they couldn't answer, as well as pretty much constantly self-editing what I reference, I liked this bit.

Chapter 9 "Not even in yourself, because that's what you are - wavicles." Hahahaha - ahh, the particle/wave paradox. So great.

Further on in 9, the descriptions of the viewer and the library sounds just like technology we have now - internet anyone? Wikipedia?

And towards the ends, regarding the Vegans, "I guess their worst vice was that they didn't have any. This can be tiresome."

And then, of course, I loved the end. Quoting Shakespeare, a crazed Roman legionary, a threat to ourselves, the nervous tic, a professor who looked like "an excited Iunio" - fantastic. And, I want a happy thing.


Petey said...

I'm sorry kids! Between school and work these days, my leisure time has been reduced. Plus international friends visiting takes up the rest.

Alas it happens.

I will post very soon about the book. Have you kids started on the next one?

Jennie said...

It's all good.

I haven't started it because I know I'll get through it quickly (it's one of my favorite books of all time :) ). I can't speak for Lisa and Amanda, but I know they also have read it before.

Lisa said...

Yay! Life totally does happen. I'm glad you got a moment to post.

I've read TSNOTD like 50 millions times or something, but it'll be the first time with HSWT. I suggest that Jennie, Amanda, and I keep some private notes (or mental notes) of connections as we go along. I'm excited to talk about all the blatant foreshadowing Willis does too - hilarious. Anyway, we should stay very quiet until Peter finishes TSNOTD so we don't tip the hand!

Petey said...

I liked it. Lisa and I already had this conversation in brevity, but I thought it was entertaining. Some of the lines were fantastic. I was surprised by the light (only 7 calories pers serving!) philosophy touched on, but I suppose I shouldn't be since Heinlein's adult stuff is more thematic as well - conjecturing human problems and needs in a sci fi future. That's something I like about his writing - he doesn't forget the relatable things, the things that give us and our lives any sort of meaning and humanity in all the wonders of his sci fi universes.

Anyway... I'm rambling.