Friday, October 24, 2008

Moving Right Along

Hello friends!

I just talked to Peter on the phone, and even though he's been busy with school, he has still been reading. :) He said he's almost finished with To Say Nothing of the Dog. I'm sure he'll come weigh in on Spacesuit when he has a moment, but until then, looks like we can move along to our second book!


Lisa said...

Well, I ate gelato and an excruciatingly sweet cupcake with Peter. I WIN!

Yes, let's move on to discussing TSNOTD but old off on giving anything big away - eg. the existence or possible location of the bishop's bird stump, Tossie's Mr. C, etc.

Peter, let us know when you finish so we can lay in on the foreshadowing! In the meantime, discuss away on non-spoilers.

Petey said...

Hey kids! First, did lisa talk to you Jennie about our sister site? The one that we're going to start and YOU get to be the moderator of?

Well she should. And we need to start pulling it together ASAP since Friday is our last free day.

Also, Lisa, my sister would like to join our little writing club (if you have no objections) as she's writing (/already written a first draft of one) novels too. Mostly in the YA category.

Anyway, let's discuss Spacesuit, and relatively quickly after that TSNOTD. Hooray!

Lisa said...

Well, Peter, I made a whole entire post about our sister site on my blog. If you were doing a proper job of being my creep blogstalker you would know that. Pssh.

Also, you might like my Wordless Wednesday from this week. :-)