Friday, September 5, 2008


I really love Goodreads. I think you should post more books on your profile, Lisa. And I think you should join, Peter. It's a great way to review books and recommend books to your friends. I really like to see what my friends think of different books. It's nice to keep track of books you want to read. You can have as many "shelves" as you want. You know you want to be part of it. Do it.


Lisa said...

Does yelling at you all over your Goodreads profile count as being more active? It should.

You totally cannot handle books that are sad! You gave every single sad book 3 stars! It's a pattern.

Jennie said...

I think you were a little hard on me. ;) I give books three stars all the time. I give two or one stars to books I didn't like.

One thing that you're right about is that school often ruined books for me (such as Wuthering Heights and Shakespeare). However, I really don't think I'd still enjoy Dickens. Someone that was paid by the word is not my idea of enjoyable reading. I do need to give the others a second chance, though. I have actually never read Shakespeare voluntarily.

Lisa said...

Dickens was only paid by the word on books that were originally published as serials in newspapers, eg. Great Expectations. A Tale of Two Cities was published as a novel.

And you can't deny that a disproportionate number of the books you're giving 3 stars two happen to be tragedies!

Jennie said...

OK, I'll read A Tale of Two Cities. I guess Dickens deserves a second chance as much as anyone. ;)

And the three star thing may be true, I was just saying that three stars for me doesn't mean I didn't like it.