Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stuff from EW!

I just learned it's going to be a movie! So exciting. I'm liking it very much so far, but I need to read fast! I don't want to take it to Ecuador with me because I'm afraid it will get hurt. Maybe I'll just have to risk it - it would be such a great and engrossing plane book.

Here's a cool article I found. I'm sure Peter's already read it, though! Too bad we can't all dress up and go to the premier.


Lisa said...

Or forgot, anyway - I just reread Peter's original post recommending it as a book club read. I fail, sadness. I've read a little more - I like the quotes at the end of each segment and the non-graphic novel bits interspersed. It's hard for me to keep everyone straight so far, but I think that will improve. This one is a bit harder to be intellectual about AS I read, because it seems like the whole will sort of click together, whereas Ex Libris is easy to talk about before you're done because each essay is its own little self-contained work. This is all the say - I promise to very intellectual and critquey later. :-)

Petey said...

Yes, I look forward to it, and in fact demand it of you and Jennie. :)

Actually, its a little difficult to assess and discuss a narrative book which hasn't been finished; you don't know where the journey will ultimate end up...