Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Watchmen Weekend

So I apologize for not having written more, but I was in San Diego this last week at... who would've guessed, Comic Con. It was quite an experience, I shall say (Will's life was made when he met Tori Amos). I wasn't able to get into Zack Snyder's presentation on Watchmen, which was unfortunate because I heard him speak about it last year and it sounded like he was making a distinct effort to preserve the comic experience. We'll see how he does (apparently the movie is already 3 hours, and they're doing the pirate sub plot animated, to be released on dvd, then later a special edition cut back in, which would be interesting).

I did meet the costumer of the film, who explained that he had to alter some of the costuming based on demands from the special fx, action choreographers, etc. I think most are okay versions, though Ozymandias I still question a bit. The costumer explained that for the scenes, having that metal thing around his neck didn't work out, which is why they altered that.

Alright, I'm rambling. Its just that this movie if done right, will give people way more than they bargained for. Most people think its just a super hero film, and it really isn't.

Lastly, look! I got to see the owl ship from the film. That's right, its rocking.


Lisa said...

That's so cool! I read it today on a plan ride from Guayquil to Quito, and I'm liking it more as I get into it. I have all kinds of terribly clever and insightful things to say, but they'll have to wait until I'm back in the land of the free . . . hmm. Well, whatever the Patriot Act makes use, anyway.

Loves to you both,

Petey said...

So, um really, what happened to Jennie? I mean Lisa's in another country and manages to write...

Where's our dutiful librarian?

And I'm anxious to hear your clever and insightful discourses. Hurry back. :)

Grace said...

Hey now! Your "dutiful librarian" is in New York for the first time in her life! Cut her some slack! ;)

I'm just about done with Watchmen...things are getting intense! I'm flying back to Oregon tomorrow and I'm sure I'll finish it before I get there. Looks like we have some fun discussions coming up soon.

Peter, was there any Joss Whedon stuff at ComicCon? Oh, and have you seen Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog?

Jennie said...

ha ha ha...I'm going, who is this Grace and why is she posting on our book club blog?? That's me. :) I was showing Paul's mom how to blog and I must have forgotten to log her out.

Petey said...

Joss Wheden himself was at comic con, although I didn't attend his panels. He did apparently discuss Dr. Horrible's as well as a new show he's doing using Eliza D. as the star.


Oh, and there was firefly stuff there too. anyway.

Petey said...

sorry, Whedon.

And Eliza Dushku. I didn't know the spelling of her name, so I looked it up. anyway, she was Faith on Buffy (and I'm quite pleased with her fate. at least in the Buffy mythos.)