Friday, July 11, 2008

I got bored...

What do you think? Tell me honestly.


Lisa said...

You're bored with the book? I don't even have The Book. But I have been playing on a movie set.

CB in real life = YUM.

I get home Sunday and I will get the heck on it!

Jennie said...

ha ha ha...not bored with the book, silly! Bored in general...I messed around with the blog layout and wanted to know what you all thought.

Paul's been keeping my copy of Watchmen hostage. :) I've only read 15 pages. And from what I've read, I think it's going to be pretty difficult to get bored with. ;)

Petey said...

i'm totally digging the layout. Its very... fitting somehow.

So Lisa, did you get to meet Mr. Bale? Did you tell him he's my hero?