Sunday, September 6, 2009

Stephen King's On Writing

Alright - our current book is Stephen King's On Writing, a book I have read but which the rest of you have not. I've been wanting to reread it anyway, so I'm not complaining. :-)

As far as editions go, I have the mass market paperback, copyright 2000. It has the image Jennie has graciously posted for us under Now Reading of the chair and rejection letter. However, I have some sort of hazy memory of a Barnes and Noble shelf with a trade paper version of the book with an identical cover . . . we can always reference sections and numbers within sections, but the book has no table of contents, so if you have the flexibility, grab the mass market edition for ease of referencing stuff.

Actually, here, I made us an incomplete Table of Contents (mass market):
C.V., sections 1-38, pg. 4
What Writing Is, pg. 95
Toolbox, sections 1-5, pg. 102
On Writing, sections 1-16, pg. 134
On Living: A Postscript, sections 1-7, pg. 255

I say incomplete because there are three forewords, a page with amusing contradictory quotes, and an example of editing . . . you shall see. Be sure to look at all the pages, I think you'll enjoy them.

Peter has suggested that when King has a writing exercise suggestion, we gamely try it out. I recall something about a sentence/story starter that King said he would read if you finish it out and send it to him - and I love the idea of being able to whine on the blog about how Stephen King is failing to respond to correspondence. Peter and I will partake in those, perhaps over on the Cupcakes blog, and Jennie can harangue us a teensie little bit every now and then, when she feels like it. Or write too. :-)

So - sally forth and get your paws on a copy and jump in. Post whenever something tickles your fancy or annoys you. And remember to check the blog and comment on others' posts with salient points, or stories of creme brulee disasters, or whatnot.

Over and out, L.

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Jennie said...

No creme brulee disasters here...though cooking while camping is a whole lot different than cooking at home. I'm just no good at camp cooking!

Anyhoo. When James wakes up from his nap, I'm going to head to the bookstore for On Writing. :)