Monday, August 31, 2009

It Lives! IT LIVES!

I shall call it - Smith's monster! Ok, not quite the same ring to it. Btw, we need to read Frankenstein sometime. Maybe October?

Peter has requested that we raise this blog from the dead, and Jennie and I are cautiously optimistic. We have determined that it is my turn to pick, and I am planning on doing either Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird or Stephen King's On Writing. Peter, I think I remember that you have Bird by Bird and have not read On Writing. Is that true? Although I'll pick a book I've already read, I don't want it to be something two of us have read. My goal is to pick something somewhat episodic so that we can post while we read without destroying the content of the plot (although the above books have narrative components, there is no plot per se, which I think could be good). Another I idea I had was Saul Williams She which is fun modern poetry, and quite short. That or something similar might be a good pick for the holiday months. :-)

Jennie, is Amanda interested in joining us on this? I need to think if anyone else might like to join the group - possibly my roommates, although I'm not sure they have enough time to commit to it. Perhaps I could open it up to Facebook friends and you could create an entrance exam? Hahaha - I like it.

Ok, that's all for now! And check out my rarely updated reviews blog, Passage of Swallows. I'm posting tonight and will post ASAP once I've gotten my pretty little hands on a copy of Catching Fire, the sequel to The Hunger Games. Peter, read it ASAP, it rocks. And you love angry-people-suck-humankind-is-lamepants stories.

Ms. Secretary, tag away, I don't know what to do. ;-)

BTW, what is Frankie doing to Susan from the Discworld series???


Amanda said...

Count me in!

Jennie said...

ooh...Frankenstein for October. I like it! I'll go about getting a copy of On Writing. It's official, yeah?

Petey said...

I'm excited!!! Oh, and it's September. Not October... Keep track Jennie. You're the secretary.